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First Editions

First editions

Adam Crosby

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Original appearance of Johnny Mnemonic

Now that I've got all this housing storage space, and a big room of my very own, I've started trying to collect some things.

William Gibson

William Gibson

First up is William Gibson first editions. Fragments of a Hologram Rose, Johnny Mnemonic, Burning Chrome. And then all of the novels. Hopefully I can get some of them signed.

Some of these are rapidly becoming difficult or impossible to find - Gibson's early works were published serially, or in magazines like Omni.

Thankfully, the Internet makes it possible to find like Burning Chrome - where William Gibson coined the word ‘cyberspace’.

So far, I've been able to track down Gibson's very first publication - ‘Fragments of a Hologram Rose’ (Summer 1977), as well as the Omni issues featuring ‘Burning Chrome’ (July 1982) (where he coined the term ‘cyberspace’) and Johnny Mnemonic (May 1981).


Once I've got all the Gibson's, Stross and Stephenson are up next.

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